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Unified Analytics is the perfect solution for smart reporting and documentation, for any business segment

How does it work?

Unified Analytics introduces transparency to the company by tracking, analyzing, and reporting on day-to-day tasks. The implementation does not require any support of IT specialists or costly consultants.


Report the problem by using free iOS or Android apps, or with a browser. Add a picture or movie, description, documents, and location. Take a deep breath, relax, and wait for your issue to be resolved!


Receive notification from a reporting user in real-time according to your own processing rules. Delegate responsibility and tasks. Message back to the reporting user, kick back, and enjoy the peace of mind!


Get the reports that are relevant to you. Handle corrective actions, ask for more information if necessary or forward to another handler. Change the status of the report, add documentation, and enjoy the rest of your day!


Create a personal dashboard with selected KPI’s and a combination of data in charts. Filter and drill-down data in a way that fits your needs. Export to Excel or PDF and make decisions based on facts!

This is how we help various industries

Here are some of the "stories" and use cases that describes how our apps are helping our clients.
  • Reporting and handling maintenance with lighting, elevators, escalators, and sanitary facilities
  • Measurement and preventive actions for shoplifting and other crimes
  • Implementation of routines, e. g. checking fire escape routes, alarms and ITV systems
  • Handling complaints and undesired events
  • Efficient delegation of tasks
  • Continual improvement and sharing preventive actions


More benefits for you and your business

Fact-based decisions. Optimization of customer experience and satisfaction. Cutting costs and keeping track of quality issues.

All features in one place

  • Free use of iPhone and Android apps
  • Picture and movie capture of situation
  • Add descriptive text, categories, custom fields and tags
  • Define location with GPS, or select from list of dimensions
  • Add one or many measurement units to a report
  • Attach documents (web version only)
  • Follow the progress of handling for each report
  • Bar code scanner in app for quick identification of location or object of interest


User package
User and access management
Your own sub domain
Dedicated database
Users for reporting
Report categories
iPhone and Android apps
Browser access
Encryption vault
Document system
Automated sending of statistics
Sub systems
API access
5 gbyte
2 administrators and 20 handlers

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